Bridgez building music with international feel - Says Nicki Minaj inspired new sound

May 15, 2019
Recording artiste Bridgez Baretta.
Recording artiste Bridgez Baretta.

Lately the global music trends have been the driving force for dancehall artiste Bridgez Baretta's decisions to make a slight change in the way she delivers her lyrics.

"Justin Bieber and a host of other overseas artistes are using our music, why shouldn't we use theirs?" Bridgez said in a recent interview with The STAR.

The female dancehall artiste, known for her usually in-your-face and sometimes raunchy lyrical concepts, recently released a dancehall pop song that she says was inspired by Nicki Minaj.

"I perform the song with some of the gimmicks she (Nicki Minaj) would use; there is a clean and raw version, but most persons may have heard the clean version because my management has advised me to be more censored to market it to the commercial entities," she said.

Bridgez recently returned from the US where she recorded the music video for another dancehall-fusion single called Faded (to be released next month), but says she had to quickly produce a video for the dancehall pop song Upset by using a mobile phone application for promotional reasons.

The entertainer had taken a brief hiatus from social media to focus on writing and improving her performance skills.

But she returned with a new passion for freestyle recording on hip-hop rhythms, like that which Blueface and Cardi B recorded for the track Thotiana Remix.

She said: "I am trying to aim for the world, not only Jamaica only, but I still want to do dancehall; I don't believe in separating our music - my music still sticks to the roots."

Bridgez is currently working with recording artiste/producer Massy The Creator for her new catalogue.

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