Leave the icon alone - Marlon Samuels angry with artiste manager over song lyrics

June 12, 2019

Cricketer-turned-dancehall artiste Marlon 'Icon' Samuels has again found himself in a heated exchange with a popular female music figure.

Last year, the entertainer was at odds with his ex-lover, Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett.

On Sunday night, Samuels took aim at artiste manager, Shelly-Ann Curran.

Samuels explained his grouse in an Instagram live session where he made reference to Curran's artiste Devin Di Dakkta and his latest single, New Flame.

In the song, Devin says ' nuh matter how me love di gyal dem, none cyah mad me cuz me nuh Marlon Samuels'.

Samuels took exception to Devin using his name and the situation between him and Barrett.

But he appeared more upset that Curran, the artiste's manager, did not advise Devin against the name-calling.

"She a manage a artiste and the artiste do a song and call me name. Is bout a year later now innu. All me wah tell her is pick a war and know say yuh can manage the person yuh pick a war wid. Don't pick a war wid a person weh above you. Powerpuff girl me know yuh business so yuh shoulda just leave the icon alone," Samuels said.

When THE STAR spoke to Curran, she said she would not advise Devin to deliberately target Samuels in a song; but she would not advise him against it.

"Devin Di Dakta did a song wit T Whizz. Shelly was not in the studio nor was she around, but of course as management yuh hear the song. Me hear the line and him say something about him nah mad over nuh girl like Marlon Samuels. But why me a go tell him to tweak it or take it out? Creatively, I do not get involved. He did not refer to him in any derogatory terms and it was something that was already out there," she said. "Just like how yuh have artistes that always use the unfortunate incident that took place with Corey Todd in songs, it's the same thing. We chose to ignore it so Marlon has the choice to ignore the line but he chose to do this. It clear say him hurt. He has proven that Yanique did mash up him head if that one line a bother him so much."

She added that she will not be entertaining a back-and-forth with Samuels.

"I was very shocked, disgusted and flabbergasted about how he began referring to me in the most derogatory terms because of it (the song). But, I have nothing else to say to Marlon cuz Marlon is looking a hype. I already told him that he's talentless and classless and no money can buy those. I am busy and booked so he's going to have to do more," she said.

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