Sean Paul kicks off second phase of European tour

June 27, 2019
Sean Paul
Sean Paul

Grammy Award winner Sean Paul concluded the first phase of his European summer tour earlier this month, and fans in Europe can expect the second phase to begin tomorrow.

The tour's second leg is scheduled to kick off in Brussels, Belgium, and will be followed by a highly anticipated headline performance at the renowned Glastonbury Festival, held at Worthy Farm in the United Kingdom on Saturday, June 29.

The festival recently announced that Sean Paul is the headlining act at the John Peel Stage this Saturday, and is expected to take the stage at 10:30 p.m.

International acts such as Janet Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Stormzy and Janelle Monae will also be performing across various stages at the festival this weekend.

The gala, which is scheduled to take place from Wednesday, June 26, to Sunday, June 30, is labelled as one of the top five music festivals worldwide. This weekend is the 49th edition, and it is expected to attract more than 175,000 patrons.

Participating in the Glastonbury Festival aligns well with Sean Paul's climate preservation efforts as a climate change ambassador. This, as festival organisers are strongly campaigning for patrons to bring reusable bottles and cups. It was announced by Emily Eavis, the co-organiser of the festival, that there will be no selling of single-use plastics and plastic bottles at festival events.

The Contra La Pared star's tour will continue across Europe, and includes shows in the Netherlands, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Germany. It is scheduled to end on Thursday, July 11, at the Stonara Rap Festival, held in Stornara, Italy.

The artiste's dominance on the local and international airwaves continues with his latest singles, including Genna Level, that was released on the 'Callaloo' Rhythm by Sean Paul's Dutty Rock Productions record label, and Life We Living, which features Jamaican dancehall act Squash.

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