KipRich urges adults to practise responsible parenting

March 17, 2020

When dancehall entertainer KipRich wrote the song ‘ Baby Mama Drama’ in 2009, he never imagined facing it nearly 10 years later.

However, his drama was not similar to the lyrics, which spoke about impregnating a woman while having a wife at home.

Two years ago, the Telephone Ting artiste and his estranged babymother, aspiring artiste Miss Chin, got involved in a war of words over their then 12-year-old daughter.

But Kiprich said, the drama has “long been resolved”.

“She reached out and apologised about what she did and that ends right there,” he said.

Jamaican society

KipRich said that only a weak man tries to war with a woman, and wants his peers to consider the solutions to maintain healthy relationships with the opposite sex.

With all that has happened in the Jamaican society, he expressed, “I am totally against domestic violence, physical abuse, and all that leads to a man killing a woman; I don’t condone that.”

“If you realise that it is not making any sense, if you can’t see eye to eye, it’s best she go her way and you go your own … leave each other alone,” he told THE STAR.

In situations where children are involved, he said the adults need to practise responsible parenting.

“A lot of fathers run because of the pressure to fulfil the financial needs, but even if a man is unable to manage, he must be able to stand up strong in their lives,” he said. “In times like these, it is very important for men to play a role in children’s lives, and it becomes unfair for a child (to be caught in the middle) because every child deserves to have a father figure in their lives who demonstrates how to be proper role model,” KipRich said.

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