Coppershot’s ‘Vibes Pon Di Live’ gets sponsored - J. Wray and Nephew says online party created a domino effect

March 23, 2020
Coppershot Music team.
Coppershot Music team.

The disc jockeys of Coppershot Sound are celebrating the successful launch of their online party series 'Vibes Pon Di Live' on Sunday, March 15, and setting a trend for others in their field.

Several other table-turners logged on quickly to the idea and have essentially started similar online series.

But only Coppershot has the bragging rights to hosting the first sponsored online party.

"When Coppershot approached us during their first live party, we realised they had tapped into the new way of entertainment," said Alison Moss-Solomon, brand communications manager of J. Wray and Nephew Limited for Jamaica and the Caribbean.

She expressed that any brand associated with the entertainment industry will need to find an avenue to remain relevant, and that the concept by the sound system created somewhat of a domino effect.

"The entertainment industry is taking a hit right now with no events, and we Jamaicans love to party. Coppershot saw the need and smartly started a new trend, and we knew Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum was the best brand to partner [this idea] as we're doing this 'Fi Wi Culture'," she said. "We need to help the industry keep afloat while we wait for normality."

The online party, which was first conceptualised as a weekly event on the very active social media platform, returned last Wednesday with a new theme, 'Throwback Edition'. It featured veteran dancehall artiste Mr Lexx as a guest entertainer.

According to DJ Cutty, one of the sound's prominent disc jockeys and co-conceptualiser for the online party, "It was even better than Sunday's launch."

The old-school music has maintained its relevancy in today's times, he added, "and it was the feel-good energy we were going with from the start ... it is good to know sponsors like J. Wray & Nephew see it as having potential and to actually jump on board to make it happen. Sickness might a guh round, but it not keeping us down."

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