Triple treat! - Chino rolls out three volume project

November 25, 2020

Recording artiste Chino has created a three-part project called The Process, which features three different albums.

Volume 1 of The Process, which is titled Lyrics Over Gimmicks, was released on November 20. Volume 2, Gyal Factory, will be released on December 11, while Volume 3, Riddim Rider Style, will drop on New Year's Day.

"The sound and vibe of this project pretty much follows my formula when it comes to making music. Usually the fans will hear the hardcore dancehall or more commercial sounds mixed in with the reggae, hip hop, pop and other sounds. On this particular project, I chose to go the root of splitting the sounds into different directions or lanes, which resulted in three volumes," Chino explained.

Each volume contains seven songs. Lyrics Over Gimmicks puts a direct emphasis on lyricism and storytelling; Gyal Factory is targeted to a female audience, while Riddim Rider Style is for the reggae lovers, with a mix of roots and lovers' rock, the artiste said.

"I've been working on this since the beginning of this year. Most of the tracks were recorded before and during the pandemic. There were some other tracks that I loved but I didn't think they got their due justice so those are included as well," Chino said.

While he serves as the executive producer on the albums, through his own Jamworld Music label, the project is also supported by a host of other producers, including his brother Stephen McGregor, Romeich Entertainment and CJ the Chemist.

"I chose to release it in three parts to separate the lanes which I'm aware I'm in, rather than compressing everything into one album. In this digital age, the attention span is short so we have to find innovative ways to peak the listeners' interest without losing momentum," he said.

Several singles from the project have been released in recent months. They include title track, The Process, released in May on World Rocking Rhythm. Oh My God, produced by CJ The Chemist, and Be Good, which is the debut release coming from Jamworld Music are among those tracks in the public space.

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