Wesley Diamond brings dire warning on ‘Revelation 20’

July 05, 2022
Wesley Diamond
Wesley Diamond

Dancehall artiste Wesley Diamond is warning Jamaica that even though the world is emerging out of a global pandemic, the worst is yet to come.

He delivers this sombre warning on the single, Revelation 20, that addresses the social inequities which have made life almost unbearable for the poor and vulnerable.

"The pandemic was just a sign, a warning of things to come. People think it's over, but is just a rehearsal for what's to come. Instead of unity, we have more division. The events of the past months, the high oil prices, the food prices, the Ukraine war and the coming food shortages; it is just greed, bad mind, envy and sin, similar to Revelation 20 and the end of days," Wesley Diamond said.

The single was released on the Jah Anointed label in April, while the visuals were released one month ago.

"The video has racked up over 100,000 views in only one month. I have been campaigning with vloggers and going hard on social media, and the results have been great. One man against the world with the Almighty before me. We are in a time where evil no longer hides in the shadows, where bad mind, envy and greed are consuming our world. Stop the greed," he warned.

Born Wesley Allen, he made his recording debut in 1989 with Run for Your Life, a collaboration with Hitman Walle. He has collaborated with the likes of Skull Man, Sugar Slick, producers Syl Gordon, Call Me Shams, Jah Sno Cone and Big Yard Music.

In 2002, he recorded the single Gangsters, along with Shaggy and the Big Yard All Stars. The song was featured in Cess Silvera's film, Shottas.

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