Silva Don launches ‘Bubble’ challenge

September 30, 2022
Silva Don
Silva Don

With his ladies' single Bubble gaining some traction and recognition online, dancehall artiste Silva Don is seeking to keep the momentum going with the 'Bubble' challenge.

"This challenge is open to anyone who has a TikTok. We want to keep getting the song out there and showing people that it's a good song to dance to," the artiste stated. "This song [which was released in July] is, quite simply, about girls twerking."

In the game for the past few years, Silva Don is an energetic artiste who gets his message across through his dancehall sound, which is fused with hip hop. Over the course of his career, he has released tracks such as Dancehall Philosophy, Top Settings and Bank Roll. Subsequent to the release of Bubble, he released another track on September 18 titled Cannot Fail.

"I have a lot more in store, more music, more shows and more blessings," the artiste revealed.

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