Scaacha rejects ‘dunce’ movement

January 30, 2023

Dancehall-reggae artiste Scaacha is pushing back against the 'dunce' subculture that celebrates ignorance in dancehall music with a single I Learn Something.

"This song is pushing the merits of education and also the importance of lifelong learning and acquiring not just a sound education, but knowledge and ultimately wisdom. It is important that children see that learning is not something to be ashamed of. How else can you get the skills to survive in today's world?" said the artiste. The single was released on the Win Fi Win Production label.

"The early feedback has been great from the radio stations and in the streets, just massive, massive positive inspiration from those facing everyday life issues," he said.

Scaacha, given name Oral Omar Ellis, said that I Learn Something will be the lead single from his upcoming EP. He has completed several singles so far.

Born in Mandeville, Manchester, he realised his passion for the music at a tender age while growing up in the Greenwich Town area of Kingston 13. While attending the then named Denham Town Comprehensive High School, he used to visit studios in the Kingston area to gain experience.

"The love and the passion for music drove me to the studio and I took the stage name Scaacha because of my fiery lyrics," he said.

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