Implant explodes in woman's butt

October 12, 2018

Debbian James was in search of the perfect figure when she forked out US$5,000 (J$667,761) for her butt implants. However, since then the experience has been nothing short of a nightmare, as her body is now deteriorating.

"Right now, this is the worst decision I have ever made in my life," James said.

In tears, James told THE WEEKEND STAR that she was very excited when she first got her new butt, as it allowed her to be very confident, something she was not capable of doing before.

She said that men began telling her that she was very sexy, and she got a lot of attention when she went out.

The new found attention became a nightmare for James, as only a year after doing the procedure, she started to experience unbearable pain in her lower back. She said that she thought it was only linked to her period, but it got worse over time.

"Mi normally feel back pain during my time, so a never nothing me did a pree too much. But mi remember one day the pain lick me and me couldn't move. A deh so me did haffi go doctor because it did serious," she said.

The visit to the doctor did not give her any answers. She said she was given tablets, but the pain continued.

She later realised that the skin on sections of her hip had blisters and cuts that were not normally there. With her condition worsening, she decided to go back to the doctor in the United States, who did the implant, to find out what was wrong.




"Mi skin start tear, and it did really painful. It did feel like me butt a drop, so me go back a the doctor because the pain did too much. When mi go to the man, him seh mi body a reject the silicone and me haffi tek it out," she said.

Dr Winston Dawes, the chief executive officer of Mahogany Health & Fitness in St Mary, told THE WEEKEND STAR that any foreign substance injected in the body can yield bad results. He said that once the substance comes in contact with the tissues, it may cause a very serious reaction.

Dawes also explained that there are serious consequences when people do butt implants because in some circumstances it may lead to death.

"Sometimes the doctors inject a balloon into the body and if it ruptures you can get a very bad scarring. A lot of times, it is done at places that are not qualified and then bad things happen," he said.

Terrified of what was to come, James said she decided to follow the US doctor's instructions and remove all the silicone. Sadly, some of it was embedded in her flesh. She said that she has been in pain ever since and is constantly on antibiotics because of the bacteria in her body. So far, she said that she has spent US$3,000 (J$400,656) to remove some of the silicone, and she is due for another doctor visit next year.

"This is very frustrating, and I regret the day I did this," she said.

"Every time I shower, it seems like my skin is tearing apart. I am constantly on pills. The life they create in media is not always true. I am proof that this is true. I would never encourage anyone to do it."

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