JCDC throws down jackfruit challenge

May 30, 2019

The jackfruit will be the among the items showcased at the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission's (JCDC) culinary arts competition this year. 

Jane Jerry, culinary specialist at the JCDC, said the competition is focused more on bringing out creativity in its participants.

"Among the activities is the mystery basket in the live cooking segment. Chefs in groups of threes will take random ingredients from the basket and will then use these ingredients to transform the jackfruit into something special, something delicious. Again, we aim to keep participants on their toes. And this line up of creative exercises will do just that,” Jerry said.

“The jackfruit is a big part of how we are pushing creativity this year. Mostly because we are trying to keep an authentic and organic Jamaican theme strong throughout the competition,” Jerry added.

Jackfruit is not native to Jamaica but grows plentiful here in the island. It is jackfruit can be eaten ripe when it is soft and fruity or when it is green. Jerry is expecting some great entries.

“I am excited to see the most innovative jackfruit dish. Whoever comes up with that masterpiece will be the recipient of a cash award of $50,000. Contestants will have to really show out in order to impress judges, and triumph over competitors. So I’m looking forward to seeing who will impress with their work and take home that prize.”

Jamaica Culinary Eastern and Western Championships kicks off on Friday, May 31, at the Chinese Benevolent Association in Kingston, followed by the western region on Friday, June 7, at the Sean Lavery Faith Hall in Westmoreland. Both events are free and open to the public.


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