Three suspects in Clarendon shooting held by cops

May 31, 2019

The Clarendon police have taken three suspects into custody following the robbery at a supermarket in Guinep Tree, Clarendon on Sunday,  May 26,

The men were picked up during an operation in the parish about 5:30 a.m. Friday, May 31. Their identities have not been revealed.

Reports are that about 9:30 a.m. last Sunday, police officers were engaged in a confrontation with gunmen after they approached a supermarket that was being robbed. Several items were seized including motor vehicle, cash, firearm and ammunition.

One of the cops injured in the daring daylight robbery has recounted the horrifying events in which he nearly lost his life.

The sergeant, who was shot in the abdomen and leg, said that he would not have survived without the help of his colleagues.

"I told my colleagues to gwaan leave me, but they said they not leaving," he said, sharing that he was with two other policemen when the shooting began.

It is reported that minutes after 9 a.m., two vehicles carrying several gunmen were seen at a supermarket in Guinep Tree along Main Street, May Pen.

The robbers were surprised by the police, and opened fire at them. Two cops, including the sergeant, were shot and injured.



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