Jamaicans still go bananas for coconuts

October 14, 2019

Although it appears that more and more people are using powdered coconut milk, a seller of the 'dreadnut' says his business is still thriving.

Lincoln Headley, a coconut vendor from St James, travels all the way to eastern Jamaica to get his stock. He was recently spotted at Bellas Valley coconut farm in St Mary.

"Mi come here weekly to buy coconut and transport it to MoBay, where my business is," said the 68-year-old Headley.

He got introduced to the Bellas Valley farm some 15 years ago and since then he has not tried to seek his coconut from anywhere else.

"I came in the area and seek out and asked, and I met these people and we start to work. They go to the coconut bush and they pick it and husk it out and sell mi. Nuff people want coconut, it is like the number one thing," he said.

Headley said that he buys in the region of 300 coconuts each time he visits the farm, and that his stock normally runs out in a week.

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