Hospital lost my father - Elderly man missing after being admitted to health facility

December 10, 2019
Egbert Young
Egbert Young

Yvonne Young last saw her father Egbert Young, 88, more than two years ago, after he was taken to a local hospital.

When staff from the hospital called three days later and informed her that he was being discharged, no one was able to pick him up that day.

So she went the following day to take her father home; but he was nowhere to be found.

Young told THE STAR that after searching the hospital, she was unable to locate her father.

"When we went in the morning, we couldn't find him. I went up there and I used a walker to walk and they told me that I must go and search if I find him on the upstairs ward. I went and I searched wherever I could go and I didn't find him. I asked on the wards and they didn't find him," she said.

Young said that her father ended up in hospital after visiting her when she was ill.

"He came down to look for me and he spent a couple of weeks. When he was going back up now, he fainted at the bus stop ... him drop dung. A man come call me, because him hear seh the man a Yvonne fada," the Nightingale, St Catherine, resident said. "I wasn't able to go, so I asked my sister to go so she took him to the hospital. This was October 10, 2017. October weh gone mek two years."

Was being discharged

Three days later, Young got the call that her father was being discharged and she told the doctor that she would be there the following morning.

"Nobody never went until the next day because it was late in the evening when they called. My father couldn't travel by himself ... him born 1931. A we plan fi go pick him up. We have to blame the hospital ... we left him in their care and now we can't find him," she said.

Young said that she had a meeting with the hospital's CEO and patient care assistant, but that did not yield any positive results.

"They say the camera wasn't working and one bag of talking and one bag of excuses. They don't admit that they can't find my father. He (the CEO) said that he would contact me from May, and until today me nuh hear back from him again. I've been calling the phone and I can't get to him."

After all this time, Young and her sister are left to wonder if their father is dead.

"All now me nuh know weh my fada deh. I don't know ... I think my fada dead. Sometime me believe him dead and sometime me nuh believe," she said.

Efforts to speak with the CEO of the hospital proved futile as calls to his phone went unanswered.

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