Three-vehicle crash claims two lives

December 10, 2019

Two persons were confirmed dead after a three-vehicle collision on Chesterfield Drive in St Andrew yesterday.

According to Sergeant Dellon Lewis of the Accident Reconstruction Unit, four persons were travelling in a Toyota Corolla heading to Marcus Garvey Drive when the vehicle collided with a Leyland freighter truck and another truck carrying a trailer.

"He (the driver of the truck) heard an impact to the right rear wheel. The truck was knocked out of control, but he was able to keep it on the roadway and stopped a good distance down. The car spun off the road on to the soft shoulder, hitting the trailer, which ended up in the bushes," he said.


Persons who were at the scene quickly rushed to assist the Toyota occupants. They were able to take them out before the car burst into flames, but two occupants died at hospital.

"Four persons were in the car - two males and two females. One of the males and one of the females died. The other two are in hospital. The deceased have remained unidentified," Sergeant Lewis said.

The driver of the trailer was also taken to hospital. Up to press time, there were no updates on his condition.

Martin Parkes, owner and driver of the Leyland truck, told THE STAR that he saw the car swerving into his path but thought the driver was trying to dodge a pothole.

When the news team arrived at the scene, only the charred remains of the car were seen.

Fragments from the headlamps and the front bumper were metres away from where it appeared that the initial impact took place and where the car caught fire.

Parkes, a haulage contractor, said everything happened quickly.

"All [that] was in my brain was to get the truck under control. Even the back end of the truck shift with the impact of the car. The truck is loaded with zinc and other things going to Riverton landfill. A the first this a happen to me, and mi a work as a haulage contractor from 2008," he said.

His travelling partner, Greg Lewis, who was only helping since his truck was not working properly, said that he was very worried because all he could think about was his wife and child.

"A frighten! All I could ask him, 'A wha happen?' I saw the car coming towards the truck, but I thought he got out the way completely, but it still brush the truck. Mi did a panic. A just God, enuh, cause mi just a see death and everything," he said.

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