Dad IS a pervert - Daughters of murdered ex-cop believe he molested 12-y-o

October 29, 2020

Though grieving for their murdered father, Julie and Lorn Bennett believe their dad, 82-year-old Leonard Bennett, was a pervert.

Bennett, who was gunned down on Monday, was wanted by police for sexually molesting a 12-year-old girl almost five years ago.

Julie said her father had fled Dallas Castle, St Andrew, after he was out on bail.

"We miss him because he was our father and it hurts to see him lose his life like that. But I have to speak the truth. He was accused of sleeping with little girl and we believe he did it," she said. "We cuss him over it and him deny it but we always see the little girl by the yard and is not the first time him name call up on things like that. Him go jail and spend a little time and get bail and him just run away to Portland." She said a similar accusation cost him his job in the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) decades ago.

Loved young girls

"He loved young girls ... he was a little pervert man. After he did what he did, he started coming back to the community probably to 'fish' out the place and hear what people were saying. On Friday he said he come home for good but him not even live three days good before he was killed," she said.

According to police reports, on Monday, October 26, residents of Dallas Castle reported hearing explosions and summoned the police.

On arrival, Bennett was found lying face down in a pool of blood with what appeared to be gunshot wounds to his face and neck. He was pronounced dead at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI). To make Julie and Lorn's grief greater, Bennett was killed approximately 72 hours after their mother, Delores Hibbert, passed away at the UHWI.

"Mi almost mad because mi madda just dead and then this happen. Is strong mi strong why mi deh here so stand up. Mi miss mi father enuh but mi miss mi mother bad bad because she was everything to us," Julie said.

Lorn said Bennett had fathered more than a dozen children, including eight with Hibbert. She stated that he had done a great job at taking care of his family until he left the family home when she was a teen. Following his departure from the JCF, the former district constable won millions in the lottery but had allegedly squandered the majority of it.

Meanwhile, Cynthia 'Junie' Edwards, the grandmother of the girl Bennett allegedly molested, still offered condolences.

"Although things went wrong and he hurt my granddaughter, I still feel it for him. My granddaughter went through a lot and she has tried to put everything behind her," she said.

"Before the incident, he was my friend and someone who I thought I could trust. He never spoke to me about what happen or anything."

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