St Thomas girl returns home

July 21, 2021
Sammara Berry
Sammara Berry

After almost two weeks of fear and uncertainty, Samantha Gunter and Dennis Berry are now rejoicing after their daughter, Sammara Berry, returned to her Golden Grove, St Thomas, home safely.

Sammara, 14, who went missing on July 6, returned home last Friday, one day after the story of her disappearance was featured in this newspaper. Her mother Samantha told THE STAR that Sammara telephoned her on Friday and told her that she was coming home.

"From mi get the call mi a smile, even when mi see har mi run and hug har and mi just cry," the mother said, adding that it still feels unreal and she never wants her daughter out of her sight.

"Even from she come, every night mi look pan har, mi just a watch har because mi nuh want she come out a mi sight again. Mi just nuh wah lose har again," said Samantha.

Dennis said he could not hold back the tears when he saw his daughter. He has been worried sick since his 26-year-old son, Oneil Berry, went missing on April 9, and the situation was compounded when Sammara disappeared.

"I feel really good, much betta," he said of his daughter's return. "Mi cry and hug har up when mi see har. Mi just happy seh she alright, but mi still a pray fi mi son," said Dennis.

Sammara has been tight-lipped about where she was, except to say she was in Kingston with a friend. She told THE STAR that she misses her brother, Oneil, a labourer of Stewartfield district, St Thomas, and hopes she will see him again soon.

"I really miss him and I want him to come back home," she said.

Sammara has been getting counselling since her return, and says she is happy to be back with her family.

- K.T.

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