JFF reduces debt by more than $50 million

January 18, 2021
Michael Ricketts
Michael Ricketts

President of the Jamaica Football Federation(JFF), Michael Ricketts, was in a buoyant mood as he delivered his message at the annual general meeting of the federation held last Saturday at the Casa Maria Hotel in St Mary.

Not surprisingly, there was a positive reaction when it was announced that the JFF has managed to reduce its debt, which at one time stood near $300 million, to $238 million as of December 2020.

"We have worked diligently to cut costs wherever we can even with limited sponsorship," noted Ricketts. "This year will be particularly challenging as we have the World Cup qualifiers to fund."

Ricketts pointed to some of the positives that have taken place recently under his watch, and explained why the country's football is headed in the right direction, even in the face of a pandemic. He was particularly happy that the wheels are in motion to get local players on the field of play.

Resumption of some of their activities

"We are very happy that just Wednesday of this week the Ministry of Culture, Entertainment and Sports announced that arising out of discussions with the Ministry of Health and Wellness, the Technical teams from both ministries will begin a series of meetings with the sporting associations regarding the resumption of some of their activities," Ricketts said.

"I therefore use the opportunity to advise you that as per this communication, all requests for training and competitions or events must be submitted to the Ministry of Sports."

He reiterated that clubs, affiliates and event organisers must submit any request through the JFF. "The JFF has been very deliberate in working positively with the ministries and meeting the requirements to ensure that football returns as soon as it is possible to do so."

"We intend in these discussions to not only discuss the Premier League, but all competitions at the parish level including youth and women's football."

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