Done with younger women


October 08, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am a 25-year-old man. My former girlfriend, who was 22, got pregnant by me. I was excited. I did not see her for two months. I couldn't find her.

When I finally found her, she told me that she doesn't want my friendship anymore. I asked about the baby and she asked me which baby.

I told her that the last time we met, she told me that she was pregnant. She said that is why we can't be friends anymore because she got rid of the pregnancy and she doesn't want to stay with me, because I would always talk about the baby that she doesn't have.

Pastor, I do not want to have any dealings with young girls anymore. I have a woman friend who is 45. She does not look her age, she looks young and fresh. She has two children.

She allows me to drive her car. I like her. One weekend, I took her to see my mother in the country and my mother likes her.

I am asking you now as a counsellor, do you see anything wrong in having this woman as my wife? Just tell me how you feel and I will respect your opinion.


Dear E.W.,

What you are trying to say is that you have lost confidence in younger women because you were sure that you impregnated your former girlfriend and she had an abortion.

You believe another young girl might do the same. So, this girl's action has driven you to an older woman, and this older woman loves you and you love her.

Frankly, if that is what both of you want, you will have my support. If in a few years you would like to get married, go and see a family counsellor for premarital counselling long before you tie the knot.


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