Man trying to get me and my sister


October 08, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am 22 and I am writing you from the US. I have an identical twin sister. We are very close. We wear each other's clothes and do everything together.

There is a guy who says that he loves me, but I found out that he loves my sister, too. So I asked him which one of us he really loves and he says he loves me, but I showed him text messages that he sent to my sister telling her the same thing.

When I asked him about it, he said that he is mixed up.

Pastor, can a man be so mixed up that he tells two girls the same thing, that he loves them? This guy has even asked me for sex. What do you think that I should do with this guy?


Dear N.F.,

I gather that this relationship is new. Some people may say that he should be forgiven because both of you are identical twins. You and your sister have a very good relationship, and it is said that twins share information with each other. They tell each other deep secrets. So, I am not surprised that both of you would discuss this young man. The poor boy doesn't know what he is doing.

Tell him that you are not interested in him, so he should seek companionship elsewhere.


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