My married boyfriend wants to move in with me

June 12, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am having an issue. I have been seeing this guy for about two years. He was living with his wife before she found out about our relationship.

He came to my house recently and told me that his wife kicked him out and he had nowhere else to go.

The thing is, Pastor, I don't want him to be living with me. I enjoyed our relationship when he was married because it was more carefree and less baggage for me.

He doesn't understand why I don't want him to come and live with me. I have no interest in him now that he is single and homeless. How can I avoid him?

I blocked him on every social-media network, but now he is coming to my house crying and begging me to let him stay with me. Should I call the police?


Dear S.B.,

What you are trying to say is that you do not want a man who is single. You enjoyed having a relationship with this man because he is married and was living with his wife.

Whatever both of you did while he was living with his wife, he went home to her. You didn't have to take care of him; no washing of clothes, no cooking for him or cleaning his house.

Now that his wife has thrown him out, he is like a homeless man. I hope that guys who allow women to 'eat them out', spend their money freely and have nothing to fall back on when their women at home have thrown them out, will learn from what you have said.

You never loved this man. You loved his money. And now he doesn't have anything to give you, you are ready to move on.

I hope that his wife would take him back in, and I hope that you would stop being a gold-digger. And, you must remember that you are living dangerously when you take money from men and in their time of crisis you treat them like floor mats.


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