Arif Cooper, Scientist making people happy through music

December 10, 2019
Arif Cooper
Arif Cooper (left) and Scientist.
Knowing the crowd you’re playing for, has a lot to do with the reaction you get, Cooper said.
Scientist stated that seeing persons enjoying themselves at a party, brings him great joy.

For deejays Arif Cooper and Scientist, their love for music birthed a partnership that has been growing for the past six years.

The chemistry between the two was obvious at Saturday’s staging of Footloose. The pair set Mas Camp ablaze as they rocked selections from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. If the sweat dripping from the faces of patrons was anything to go by, it is safe to say that these two are definitely the life of any party.

In a post-show interview, Cooper and Scientist said that making people happy through music was the reason they got into the entertainment industry.

“It (selecting) has ups and downs, like anything in life, but I never lose the enjoyment. I always loved entertaining people,” said Scientist. “To see people out there having a good time brings me a joy. I always picture myself out there, and so when I am playing, once I’m having a good time, I’m sure everyone else is having a good time.”

Cooper shared similar sentiments. “The mission is to make people happy. That’s why we do this. Whether we’re having a bad day or good day, once people are happy, that’s the most important thing. The world is stressful as it is, so this is my way of giving to you and giving in a positive way,” he told THE STAR.

With that said, the duo recalled their individual journeys into music.

For Cooper, a habit of collecting music blossomed into a full-blown career, and in Scientist’s case, being around music made him fall in love with entertainment. “Essentially, it started from a love for music and a bad habit of collecting music. It kinda got bad, and so eventually, the habit had to pay for itself. I then started to play at parties for my friends because they said I could do it and do it well, and here I am years later,” Cooper said.

Scientist added: “I grew up in a household where my mother used to collect records. I always was around them, and I was always fascinated, so I tried playing them. I also grew up in a community with a sound system, and so it was very easy for me to fall in love.”

So in love is he that he is not picky about the type of events he plays at.

“It doesn’t really matter to me, enuh. It could be old hits, it could be soca, it could be a wedding, a set-up. Once music is involved and yuh have patrons, me play. And if is even one person, me a play. If there’s one thing I learnt from Arif when I started, it is that it don’t matter how much people I playing for. If is one person or a hundred, keep the vibes, the momentum, and the energy,” Scientist said.

Speaking of energy, Cooper gave the formula for establishing and keeping that vibe.

“It’s not an exact science, but the first thing you have to know is the crowd you’re playing for. Secondly, yuh haffi make dem comfortable, and yuh haffi do it as quickly as you can, especially now with the 2 a.m lock-off. We have to get them (patrons) going fairly quickly, which is not something that is standard because we usually have more time. Allow the music to soak in them enough to enjoy themselves. Keep the flow constant and the vibe building,” Arif Cooper said.

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