Jada Kingdom to close 2019 ‘heavy’

December 10, 2019

Feeling at the top of her game, Jada Kingdom says she is now ready to close out this year with another release, titled ' Heavy'.

This song, she says, is a "celebration of self-confidence and self-love".

After dropping One Time Remix with Afrobeat artiste Davido last month, and the single Execution, which speaks to the punishment of rapists, Kingdom told THE STAR that she wanted to reconnect with her sexy female listeners.

"This one is for all the females, no matter the shape and size. It is not only about having a big booty but about being heavy on confidence, heavy on swag. It is also just a fun song that everyone can dance to in the clubs and parties this Christmas," Kingdom said.

She continued: "This song, Heavy, continues in the vein of female empowerment, but my team and I are doing it in a different way this time. After tackling such a serious subject with Execution, I wanted to also have something out there that is powerful in a special and engaging way."

There is also a merchandise campaign being launched in connection with the song. 'Heavy!'-branded wear including T-shirts, hooded sweaters, and phone cases went on sale last Friday, to coincide with the release of the single.

Kingdom's manager, Julian Jones-Griffith of Pop Style Music, said that he is supportive of his artiste's move to venture out into the business side of developing her brand.

"She is a powerful young woman, and I cannot dictate what she does or what women need, but I do believe Jada definitely inspires females, as well as trampling norms and traditional barriers without it being forced. The response to the products has been overwhelming, and we are struggling to keep up with demand." Jones-Griffith said.

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