Porter wants help to take off

October 03, 2018
The Baby dragon created by Ronaldo Porter.
Ronaldo Porter with pieces that he has created.
The wooden sculpture done by Porter.

Ronaldo Porter has endured much hardship but continues to look intently for the light at the end of the tunnel, as for him life will not truly begin until the world comes to know the artistic genius that he is.

The sixth-form student at York Castle High, who received a distinction in CAPE Art and Design, said there are many odds he is hoping to defy to ensure he gets the life he wants to make himself and his family prouder of his accomplishments.

"My parents were not wealthy but they would give us their last dime to ensure that me, my brother and sister received everything we needed. To this day, due to financial difficulties my parents find it extremely difficult to provide us with all we need," the 18-year-old said.

Porter said his brother was murdered in Toronto, Canada, two years ago. He said there are days when he feels daunted but he cannot give up.

"I still haven't emotionally dealt with his death and I was unable to attend his funeral ... sometimes I stare at his pictures and wonder what he would say if he saw my art pieces," he said.

Porter said he was always one to create interesting pieces.

"One thing that helps me get inspiration as an artist is looking at other artists' works that are similar or better to mine, and also taking advice from my Visual Arts teacher, Mrs Brown-Moulton. The learning environment at York Castle is inspiring in and of itself. On a whole, I'm an artist who takes time to achieve as close to perfection as possible. The creation process may vary depending on the expressive form, the materials, the media and the size of the work. The quickest I have ever created a piece is within four hours and the longest would be approximately two months," he said.

Porter wants to spread his wings. However, his lack of funding is proving to be the consummate clipper.

"Last year, I applied to ACAD (Alberta College of Art and Design) and was accepted. The process halted when I was unable to find the confirmation fee of CA$340 (approximately J$35,500) much less the annual school fee of CA$15,000 (approximately $J1.6 million) and any other expense that I would incur ... As an artist it is my desire to get better at my craft and exposure where my pieces can be used to inspire and motivate others in a positive way, but I need help," he said.

"I see myself returning to Jamaica after earning my bachelor's degree in fine arts with a major in sculpture. After gaining much success, I plan to give back to my high school in the form of resources and knowledge, especially to the visual arts department. I will have art exhibitions and workshops where students can display their works and gain exposure in the world of art," Porter said.

You may contact Ronaldo Porter atl 1-876-351-2757; email: ronaldoporter67@gmail.com

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