“A grand waste of my time,” - Sykes

July 05, 2022

Chief justice Bryan Sykes described today’s sitting of the Clansman-One Don Gang trial as ‘a grand waste of his time,’ before abruptly adjourning the matter for the day.

The judge had yesterday instructed the Crown to examine records from the Horizon Adult Remand Centre and Spanish Town Police Station from which evidence is currently being adduced as part of the defence's case.

The records concern the admission and dispatch details for four defendants who are seeking details to prove that they were in custody when the prosecution is alleging that they had participated in criminal activities with the alleged gang.

However, this morning, while a witness from the correctional facility was giving evidence, the court clerk retrieved the dispatcher's book to show the prosecution the information which he had spoken about.

This did not sit well with the judge who noted that his time was being wasted, as he had asked both parties to look at the data and to agree on what they could.

"This is a grand waste of my time," said an obviously peeved Sykes.

"This passing around and so on is wasting time," he stressed.

While questioning what other records are there to be examined, the judge reminded the prosecution that he told them to look at the documents.

"Have all the records examined so we don't waste time in court," he warned before quickly adjourning the matter.

The four defendants, Kalifa Williams, Pete Miller, Tareek James and Donavan Richards, who are yet to close their cases, are among 28 defendants remaining in the trial.

Five were earlier freed.

The trial will resume tomorrow.

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