Kyle Butler gets mother’s support

December 03, 2020
Kyle Butler
Kyle Butler
Craig Butler
Craig Butler

Sophia Smith Butler, the mother of national under-23 footballer Kyle Butler, says she fully supports statements he made on social media this week about being assaulted and abused.

Kyle posted on Monday that he was stabbed and left to bleed to death after a training session at Mona High School in St Andrew. He posted photos of wounds to his arms and a cut in his mouth as evidence of his allegations, as well as a photo showing a welt to his left shoulder blade, which he said was from an incident from days before, where he alleged that the same attacker used a machete on him because he had friends over at his house. Kyle also alleged that this person has been mentally and physically abusing him and his mother since he was eight or nine years old.

A post on Facebook

While Kyle did not explicitly name his attacker, his father, Craig, responded to the allegations, saying he has never abused his son and that Kyle lied about being attacked.

But in a post on Facebook which has since been deleted, Smith Butler not only said she is fully supporting her son, but spoke about her experience living in mental anguish.

"I stand with my son and support him 100 per cent in the statements he has made," she said. "The days of slavery are done and over. Massa days are done and over. People owning other people are done and over."

She went on to describe being subjected to what she described as a narcissistic personality.

"Explaining [narcissistic] abuse to someone who has never experienced it is like trying to explain colour to the blind," she said. "It's a sad state of affairs at the present time and my heart breaks for my son and the present family dynamics.

"We are all human beings deserving of love and a life of dignity. It's time for me to be strong once again, not just for myself this time, but also for my son."

Smith Butler says while she will speak on the matter at what she describes as "at the right time," she is considering writing a book to do so.

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