Might have got pregnant for my aunt’s husband

July 05, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I am 20 years old and I have a two-year-old child. When I got pregnant, my boyfriend thought that he was the one who got me pregnant but I was having an on-and-off affair with my aunt's husband. My boyfriend was giving me money but it was not enough. My aunt's husband always came by and gave me money. He used to have sex with me in various positions. I asked him why he had to do some of them and he said he liked it.

When I got pregnant and I told him that the child might be his. He said I couldn't call his name and I had a boyfriend, so I shouldn't have a problem in giving the child to him. My boyfriend didn't question whether or not he was the father. We prepared for the child and registered him in my boyfriend's name. Nobody has ever questioned whether my boyfriend is the father. But I still don't know for sure whether this child is for my boyfriend.

My aunt's husband and I still have sex occasionally and he still gives me money. He says he cannot stop loving me. They have two children and sometimes I babysit for them. I am living at home but I am working, so I help to pay the bills. My boyfriend does not have a steady job. He gives me what he can but that is not much.

I would like to become a nurse but I don't have the subjects that are required. I am trying. I don't mind playing around with my aunt's husband because he told me that he suspects that my aunt is keeping another man with him. She does not suspect us. She wouldn't have had me come back to her house if she did. I am looking for your answer in THE STAR.


Dear P.,

You are not a good girl. You are very bad. It does not matter to me whether it was this man who approached you to have an affair with him. That man is your aunt's husband, so he is family. And you should not go to bed with your aunt's husband. Of course you could always do a DNA test to ascertain who is the father of the child but I doubt you would want to do so because you are scared.

Your aunt's husband told you that he suspects that his wife is having another man. So you used that to justify what you are doing. I repeat, you are not a good woman. So I am asking you to end this relationship right away. Change your lifestyle. Don't even keep your aunt's husband as a good friend. Stop taking his money. Keep your boyfriend as your only man.

It is not too late for you to study and acquire the subjects for you to enter nursing school. Work on that and go to nursing school. I wish you well.


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