Boyfriend killing out himself during sex

December 06, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I am 19 years old and I am having problem with my boyfriend. We have been having sex from the time we met. The first time we had sex I was 17 years old and he was 23. I asked him why we cannot have just normal sex and why he has to use these sex enhancers. He wants to stay on me for very long. I told him that he is killing himself and he told me that all his friends are doing it.

He is using things like Cialis and other drugs that would make him last long when we are having sex. He said from the time he start having sex, he used to use the sex bomb. Sometimes when he uses these things he takes long to ejaculate, but when he finally does, he tries to continue and I keep telling him that he should stop, but he does not stop. He goes on and on and I get very dry.

I am not a bad girl, but recently I have been talking to an older man and this man is truly a lover. I told him about my boyfriend and what he does, and he said my boyfriend is a joker. I had sex with him and I can say it was a great difference. Not only did he satisfy me, but he gave me some money to take care of myself. I don't want to leave my boyfriend, but I am beginning to like this older man because he is caring.

This man doesn't use anything at all. He has children and one of his sons is my age. It is hard to stop talking to my boyfriend, but all the time he just wants sex and he is killing out himself. He also wants to get me pregnant, but the way he is carrying on, that may never happen. Please give me your advice.


Dear S.T.,

You are a young girl and you need to understand that many young guys who do not need anything to enhance their performance are carried away by sexual enhancements. In my counselling clinic, young men come to see me and inform me that they use certain products that they should not be using at all. Some use Viagra, and of course there were some who have been using very popular ones such as the sex bomb and china brush. I discourage them from using these things. It is amazing that the girls who accompany them just smile as these men talk about how it helps them to perform.

You are only 19 years old and you know that your boyfriend has not been helped by using these things and you are now totally turned off. As a result, you have even found comfort in the arms of an older man. I am not encouraging you to go with this older man, but that is totally up to you. If this older man is a much better lover, your boyfriend will lose you. Try and convince him that he is not helping the relationship by using these sexual enhancers.


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