Gospel Song winner is a ‘wanga belly’ for Jesus

October 30, 2020
Treisha Williams
Treisha Williams

The 2020 Jamaica Gospel Song winner Treisha Williams makes no bones about the fact that she is greedy. In fact, in her newest release, Lift Up Your Vessels, she proudly sings that she is the owner of what Jamaicans refer to as a 'wanga belly'.

But Williams believes that when her 'wanga belly' refers to a deep hunger and thirst for more blessings, then it is a good thing. She told THE WEEKEND STAR that in writing this song, she used a play on words to transform the person into a container waiting to be filled. The schoolteacher believes that Lift Up Your Vessels is a happy song, and one that resonates in these times.

"People need to be open to receiving the blessings from God. A great desire for God will make you reach out again and again, ready to be filled, and that is something we need in 2020."

"When it come to Jesus, mi wanga belly, dis yah cravin yah nuh ordinary, when it come to Jesus mi greedy bad, cause me desire more of the Blessed God," the song says.

Produced by Rhon Matthison, Lift Up Your Vessels was released on multiple digital streaming platforms on October 20 and is available for download on iTunes, Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, Youtube Music, Feeder and iHeart Radio.

For Williams, this marks a new, more professional phase in her singing ministry and she is overjoyed at the feedback. "Some people have called me, screaming and saying that this one is better than One Dose [of the Holy Ghost], but that is their opinion," she said, making reference to her winning Jamaica Gospel Competition entry.

One reaction which particularly tickled her came from her pastor. "After I sent him the song, he called to say that he's dancing," she shared.

A believer in the spoken word, the gospel singer says she has made her declarations over the song and is confident of its journey to success. "Music doesn't need permission to enter people's minds, it just does, and Lift Up Your Vessels will do that. I have spoken over it and I know it will happen," Williams declared.

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