Samuels turns ire towards Warne

October 29, 2020

West Indies batsman Marlon Samuels has created more controversy on social media days after his rant at England all-rounder Ben Stokes. This time, former Australia leg-spinner Shane Warne has become the focus of his attention.

Earlier this week, Stokes said on a podcast that he would not wish a 14-day COVID-19 quarantine on his worst enemy, mentioning that that includes even Marlon Samuels when, he, Stokes, was asked by his brother.

Samuels, 39 years old, responded negatively to the comments on Monday.

"No white boy could diss me in the sports and no get back diss look at this bi*** still thinking about me give me 14 days with you wife turn har into Jamaican in 14 seconds mate none of yall knows me that simple means it's my f***ing superior skin tone yall hate f*** you".

Samuels has no friends

Warne responded to those comments, saying that Samuels has no friends, and that even his ex-teammates dislike him.

Samuels wasted little time in replying to the Instagram.

"Ha Ha I need help is this coming from the first cricketer to do a face surgery to look young".

"Doc can I use the skin from my belly doc no warny mate we must use the skin from your a** b***y face boy calm down".

Former England captain Michael Vaughn also responded to Samuels' comments, which he found racially offensive.

"This is appalling @marlonsamuels...we are trying to stamp out racism...!! A bit of banter by @benstokes38 should not lead to this...," Vaughn tweeted.

Samuels' feud with Stokes started after the ICC World Twenty20 finals when the Windies beat England. After a star performance in the game, Samuels kept his pads on and put his feet up on the table when addressing journalists at the post-match press conference. Stokes wrote about this in his book, saying that Samuels showed a "total disrespect for the game," and that he was "totally lacking manners."

The feud with Warne started in 2013 during an Australian Big Bash League game between Samuels' Melbourne Renegades and Warne's Melbourne Stars. Samuels held the shirt of Stars' batsman David Hussey, preventing him taking a second run. Warne then pulled on Samuels' shirt saying, on live television, "Want to grab some more people? F*** you, mate."

Later in the game, Samuels threw a bat in Warne's direction in retaliation to the Australian fielding a ball and then throwing it at his chest.

Samuels has not represented the Windies since facing Bangladesh in a limited-over series in 2018.

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