No need for a competitions officer now – Wellington

November 24, 2020
George Forbes
George Forbes
Keith Wellington
Keith Wellington

President of the Inter-School Sport Association (ISSA) Keith Wellington said there is no rush to fill the vacant position of competitions officer because of the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Long-standing competitions officer George Forbes retired office after 18 years in April leaving the post vacant.

And although STAR Sports sources have revealed that former national under-17 women's and Lennon High School coach, Merron Gordon, is to fill the post, Wellington insisted that they are still in the process of deciding and that there is no immediate need to fill that post.

"The (ISSA) office is not even functional now. Nothing is happening. Suppose no sport is played for the next two years?

"So we won't hire someone to just come in and twiddle their thumb. So this is all about the need to have or should have," he told STAR Sports.

He added that the selection of a new competitions officer was strictly an internal affair and that whatever information is out in the public about someone being earmarked for the appointment did not come from ISSA.

"That is internal business, the public part of it we would have already shared by advertising (the post). But I don't think we want to be discussing with the public what is, it is not something we want to do. So that type of detail will not be publicly shared," he stated.

"We have advertised the position and all I can tell you is that we did interviews."

The competitions officer has the responsibility of organising competitions, fixtures and assign venues for the various ISSA competitions.

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