My boyfriend may have got another girl pregnant

October 27, 2020

Dear Pastor,

Some years ago, I met you at an outside broadcast. I wanted to talk to you about a problem, but it was not convenient for me to do so. I am happy to write you now.

When I met you, I was dating a young man who promised that he would be faithful to me, but that relationship did not work. I am now with a different guy; he is the first guy I truly loved. He said that he did not go to church, but he would start attending because of me. I believed him. My parents accepted him. Every Sunday, he came home with me for dinner.

One Sunday after church, someone came to see my father and my father introduced my boyfriend as his son-in-law. The man was very surprised, but said nothing.

He called my father later on in the day and asked how my boyfriend could be his son-in-law when he got another girl pregnant.

My father told him that he must be making a mistake and the man gave my father the girl's name. My father gave her name to me.

When I saw my boyfriend the following day, I asked him what was going on. He said he and the girl were together but they broke up, and it was since they broke up that she was telling people that she was carrying his baby. He said that I shouldn't let that bother me. '

Pastor, it is bothering me, because it is after he met my parents that I agreed to have sex with him. Sometimes when he does not have money, I give him money because I have a steady job and he does not. But he has six subjects and he is planning to go to UTech Ja.

I told my father that I was going to go where the girl lives and check out everything, but my father told me not to go. He said I should wait until the baby is born then ask my boyfriend to get a DNA test done and bring the results. I am so worried. I don't know what to do or what steps to take, so I am asking you for your advice. Please, Pastor.

My father told me that I shouldn't have anything to do with him until we know for sure whether he is telling lies or the truth. I told him not to come back on Sundays for dinner, because we are all upset.


Dear C.M.,

I hope this young man is not lying. It would be a big disappointment for you, having grown to love him and having also gone to bed with him.

He has not denied that he knows the young woman who is pregnant. What he is arguing is that they broke up and it was afterwards that she was impregnated by another man.

I do agree with your father; you are not to go to see this woman. Indeed, a DNA test will prove if he is the biological father of the child.

Try not to embarrass yourself by going to the young woman. She might insult and curse you. If he is the father of that child, you should end the relationship with him because he should have told you about this pregnant woman. Let him go his way if he has a babymother.


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