My sister owes my husband millions

October 13, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am writing you this letter with pain in my heart. I am in my 40s. I never knew the day would come when I have to write to you but here I am. I have been married for 10 years.

I have two children. I had these children before I got married. Both of them have done well in school. My husband is a good father and a good husband. He is always doing something to earn more money. When I met him I wasn't earning much but my husband taught me how to turn over the little I was making. Today I have a very profitable business and I credit him for that. He has helped me all the way. My side of the family thinks that my husband is not smart. Whenever we are having family reunions abroad, they always suggest that he shouldn't come. My husband does not speak standard English. He is not educated so it is Patois all the way, and my folks have their big shot friends so they feel uncomfortable having my husband around. So I prefer to stay home with my husband.

Recently, one of my sisters got into trouble. She is my husband's biggest critic. She wanted $3 million to get her out of problems and there was nobody to help her, and it was my husband she turned to. At first, he said he was not going to help her but I convinced him to give her the help she needed. Now they are the best of friends. She was supposed to pay him back the money. Every month she was to pay him $50,000 interest free but not a cent has been paid and it has been a year. I have asked for the money and she is just telling me that she doesn't have it. It is causing a big problem in the family. My husband is threatening to sue her for his money. I don't like the courthouse business but my sister and her husband have not treated us right. How else can we get our money from them without going to court?


Dear C.N.,

I don't want to comment on the attitude of your siblings towards your husband. They consider him to be a useless man but your sister was happy to borrow from him when she got into trouble and she knew that he would be in a position to help. She gladly took his money but she has not kept her bargain to pay $50,000 every month. She is heartless. I hope that she has signed an agreement to pay you back the money. I think your husband should take your sister or whoever might be in this arrangement to court. He needs to get back his money. He has been too kind. He gave an interest-free loan. He has been too good to her. Support your husband in his matter. Let him take her to court.


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