Gospel Spotlight: Prodigal Son to celebrate two decades with new project

October 12, 2018
Prodigal Son

To commemorate the milestone, the entertainer revealed that he would be releasing a new project; one that will chronicle his journey in gospel music, from the release of his first single to where he's at currently.

Speaking with Gospel Spotlight in a recent interview, the entertainer said that his two-decade journey in gospel music has been both challenging and rewarding.

With that said, Prodigal Son explained that he will not be holding anything back when he drops his newest body of work, pointing out that 'the good, the bad, the highs and the lows' will be addressed in his new songs.

"I've rebranded now to Prodigal Son and the Catch a Fire crew, so anywhere you see me now, you will see that. It is going to highlight my ins, my outs, my ups, my downs, my entire journey. It will take you on the journey of Prodigal Son; the rough, the smooth, the rocky, that's what it is," he said, pointing out that he expects great things from the project. "We'll see where this project goes, but I'm expecting big things. The project is special to me, so all the measures will be put in place to support this new body of work. We have a full PR team in place, Danny Brownie is fired up and ready to move, and we're going to go everywhere with this project. Right now I'm independent, but we're talking to a record label right now that's very interested in the project."

Prodigal Son has titled the upcoming project, Gospel Michael Jordan and said it will be released in time to commemorate his anniversary.

"I'm going on tour soon and that tour will end August 2019. The project will be released before that. I won't say too much more about it, but just expect to experience Prodigal's growth when it comes out," he said. "Last year, leading into this year, has been very good for me. From Pure Gold (his last album), we won every single award there is to win in gospel (for the song Jesus Bigger), and the success continues. I have a song coming out next week that will be on the MJ project and I believe it will be a hit. The song is Me Nuh better Than Nobody, and I'm working with Danny Brownie on it. I would liken it (the song) to Head Can't Hot So because it is social yet gospel-based. I think it's going to be another big one for me."

Prodigal Son says he is very grateful for all the support he has been receiving over the past two decades and is urging fans to keep their ears and eyes open for the release date of the MJ project.

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