‘Anything fi get back mi baby’ - Family desperate to find missing two-year-old

May 16, 2022
Kera Williams and her two-year-old son, Jameal Mendez. The toddler has been missing since last Thursday.
Kera Williams and her two-year-old son, Jameal Mendez. The toddler has been missing since last Thursday.
Jamael Mendez
Jamael Mendez

The family of missing two-year-old Jameal Mendez says a prophetic revelation from a pastor has rekindled hope and optimism for the safe return of the infant who went missing from his Rasta Corner home in Free Town, Clarendon, on Thursday.

Yesterday, family members and well-wishers went on their knees during an intense day of prayer, and petition the Throne of God to help them find young Jameal and bring him home safely. The child's grandfather, Emanuel Stain, told THE STAR that he is confident that baby Jameal will be home soon, citing "a revelation" from the church leader.

"We feel confident. Today a the first mi eat [since Thursday.] Today mi daughter went to a church and the pastor reveal and say the baby get tek weh in a white [Toyota] Axio [motor car], and he's okay. Him seh the baby deh somewhere on a hill and him alright cause them a feed him," Stain said.

Stain said that the incident has the family on tenterhooks, and while they are optimistic that baby Jameal will be found alive and well, the family has been in a state of uneasy.

"Everybody a grieve and a feel it, but wi a fi keep strong fe thing go through well. Wi just a left everything to the Almighty God."

Stain told THE STAR that he finds it odd that a baby could go missing from the community, without somebody noticing something.

Meanwhile, the child's mother, Kera Williams, said her son went to the neighbour's home where he usually plays with other toddlers on Thursday afternoon. She said when she called for him and was told he was not there. At the time she believed that she was being pranked.

"True normally dem would a ramp wid mi. 'Cause two time mi a look fi him and him auntie dem hide him, but JJ always start laugh, and dem say, 'JJ yuh cyaa hide', so mi did think dem a ramp wid mi," Williams said.

Desperate searches across several communities across their home parish of Clarendon as well as St Catherine have thus far proven futile.

Williams said acting on information, search teams combed through sections of Old Harbour in St Catherine last Saturday, but while there, she was told that her baby was in Clarendon.

"Waa lady say a nuh there so wi fi come...a May Pen side the baby deh...down a Rosewell [in Sandy Bay]. ... So a there exactly the police go and search but them never find him," said Williams.

The mother said that she was informed that her son was seen in the front of a Probox motor vehicle the day he went missing. She said her baby is a lover of cars, and theorises that his alleged abductor might have used his love for cars to lure him.

"JJ is not a friendly person, but him love car, so most likely him see the car and think a him father car, so that draw him more to the person weh tek him weh," Williams reasoned.

She is making a desperate plea for the safe return of her son.

"Lef' him a roadside or even waa supermarket make somebody see him. Even lef' him a the station...Wi nuh a fe see them face. A just my baby mi need back. If me a fi do anything fi get back mi baby, mi will do anything," she said

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Jameal Mendez is being asked to contact the Longville Park Police at 876 902 5047, 119 or the nearest police station.

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