Clarendon family celebrates first Christmas with triplets

December 30, 2022
The Nicholson triplets (from left) Kahlia, Kamaya and Katalia.
The Nicholson triplets (from left) Kahlia, Kamaya and Katalia.
Doting parents Clevone Nicholson and Nyoaka Lindo with their three girls (from left) Kamaya, Katalia and Kahlia. The couple also has a four-year-old son Kaleb.
Doting parents Clevone Nicholson and Nyoaka Lindo with their three girls (from left) Kamaya, Katalia and Kahlia. The couple also has a four-year-old son Kaleb.

Though their hands may be full, it's a much merrier Christmas for Nyoaka Lindo and her partner Clevone Nicholson after they were blessed with triplets on February 22.

The couple, from Sandy Bay in Clarendon, said that caring for the girls, Kamaya, Katalia and Kahlia, who are now 10 months old, is hard work. But raising them and their four-year-old brother Kaleb has brought the parents unspeakable joy.

The family was featured in THE STAR in April. At that time, Lindo said the girls were using 30 diapers and a 400g tin of formula per day. The girls are now down to 10 diapers daily, but Lindo said that a 1600g Nestle Klim One Plus formula lasts just two days. "And I mix it with [Nestum] cereal," added Lindo.

She said that, after the story was published, companies like GraceKennedy and Lasco donated diapers that have lasted the girls to date. Lindo and Nicholson also commended Food For The Poor for its contributions. With the three babies, Lindo said Christmas this year was a lot different, citing more demands, and "a lot more running around".

"It hasn't been extremely hard, but it isn't easy as well, 'cause you know you have to run after three [babies,] not one. So, if I have something to do and everybody is crying, I have to either pause what I'm doing or put them in the crib and hurry up and do what I have to do so I can get back to them. So that's kinda hard ... just have to listen to them crying," she said.

Describing the Yuletide season as a time of love, Lindo said, "We're so happy to have my mom here with us, because this is her first time meeting them since they were born. She wasn't here (overseas), and we're excited that she's here to share the love. They hug her up, them give trouble, them bite her, she bathe them ... it's just good to see that they can have what their [older] brother had," said Lindo.

Nicholson said, amid the sleepless nights, raising the triplets has been a "good experience" and "a lot of hard work and overtime".

"I'm loving it. I've always wanted twins but I got bonus ... a big bonus," he said. Nicholson described this Christmas as extra special.

"Mi cyaa guh no weh this time," he said with a laugh. "Normally, this time [of year] mi would a out and about, but mi affi stay back with the kids and help out."

Charmaine Hamilton, the children's grandmother, was overjoyed that she finally got to hold them.

"I get pictures and videos of them every day. I was not [physically] here, but here for every step of the way for them," Hamilton told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Stunned by sonography results that her daughter was expecting triplets, Hamilton said she began tracing her family and doing research.

"I started calling around other family members, 'Do we have any triplets in the family?' And they said not that they know of, this would be our first. I accompanied her to Oxford Medical Centre and they confirmed that it was triplets, and I said, 'Lord, I'm not gonna ask any question. You know exactly why triplets', " said Hamilton.

The proud grandmother said that, upon meeting the girls, she managed to cuddle all three at once.

"It was such an amazing feeling. Finally! This Christmas is extremely special. Three additional, I feel so blessed to have them and they are so adoring, very energetic. You have to really put out all your energy to monitor and take care of them," said Hamilton.

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