Cornwall’s Rhooms working to better last year’s results

March 01, 2024
Kesean-Jordan Rhooms
Kesean-Jordan Rhooms

Cornwall College's (CC) triple and high jump specialist Kesean-Jordan Rhooms is leaping over the hurdles of inconsistency and has his mind set on outperforming his competitors at the ISSA/Grace Kennedy Boys and Girls' Championships (Champs) and the Carifta Games.

Champs will be held from March 19-23 at the National Stadium, with the Carifta Games set for March 30-April 1 in St George's, Grenada, at the Kirani James Athletic Stadium.

Speaking to STAR Sports, Rhooms, a Class One jumper, said he is doing the necessary background work to better his performances last year.

"Last year, I was a bit weak because, in the high jump I couldn't get up to jump higher. I have been working in the gym to get stronger to jump higher and further distance in the triple jump. My personal best in the triple jump is 14.65 metres, and I aim to jump a distance of 15 metres or more," Rhooms said.

"My biggest obstacle is not being focused mentally on what I need to do. Training has its ups and downs. One day, I will do very well at training. The next day, I can't get it together. It is the same at track meets because I jumped 1.90 metres in the high jump at my first meet, and the other two were lower. Recently, at the Western Champs, I jumped 1.95 metres, which is a personal best for me in the high jump," he added.


According to Rhooms, his two biggest motivators are his older brother, former CC student/athlete, high jumper Kobe-Jordan Rhooms and his father, Sean, his coach.

"When I have an off day at training or at a track meet, my brother tells me to keep trying and not to beat myself up too much. When I perform poorly, I text or call him, and he motivates me. If I don't do well, I know that the next day at 6 a.m. my father will wake me and say, 'Let us train'.

"This continues for weeks, and that helps me. My father can be tough, especially with me being his son, but I appreciate it because I need it. If he didn't, I wouldn't be where I am right now," Rhooms said.

Passionate about track and field, he fell in love with the sport when his father coached his brother.

"I think about beating his record, but you can say he is a little too good. He is way ahead of me in the high jump, but in the triple jump, he has nothing on me in high school. I am dedicated to the sport because I will watch videos to find ways to get better. It is also a part of my life as a student/athlete," Rhooms said confidently.

Last year at Champs, Rhooms finished third in the Class One boys' triple jump with 14.50 metres and eighth in the Class One boys' high jump with 1.90 metres.

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