Dermy Dee fights for his big break

November 20, 2018
Dermy Dee

Recording artiste Dermy Dee, real name Dermon McIntosh, has had his fair share of ups and downs over his 10 years on the entertainment scene.

The Hanover entertainer is known in western Jamaica for songs such as Memories, Above the Sky, and Another Fallen Soldier. He said that being an entertainer is not an easy task.

"The music world is very tricky because most times, the system leads you towards doing certain types of songs and promotes certain type of music just to get you out there on the platform," said Dermy Dee, who is a past student of Rusea's High School in the parish.

"Doing certain type of songs always a go leave a negative impact on your career in the end, so I have to just train myself to do positive music," the 32-year-old entertainer said.

Dermy Dee also said that he has suffered from having his name aligned to gangs just because he is affiliated with certain communities.

"Once certain fans start do wrong, people a say a Dermy Dee boy them. So that a one of the challenges we face. Them brand me as a gang leader, which I know deep down not to be true," Dermy Dee said.

"Weh you come from, a lot of criminals might come from deh. So once you out deh in the forefront, them affi brand you. To survive in a your parish, you have to well strong because you are going to have fans and people a follow you weh a do wrong, and people a go start brand yuh, and your career might mash up," he added.

Nonetheless, the artiste stated that he is more motivated than before and is not prepared to give up on his dreams.

"The struggle is real, but we deh here same way a work. There is still a lot going on for Dermy Dee, so I just want to tell all my fans that everything is good and to look out for a lot more new songs," he said.

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