Top Notch Vision dreams big

December 04, 2018
Cleon A James, CEO of Top Notch Vision.
Cleon A James directs a scene.

US-based movie-production studio Top Notch Vision has its sights set on a new major Jamaica-US production.

The studio, which is situated in Boston, Massachusetts, plans to start filming a new TV series titled Foreigners in 2019.

Scenes from the series will be shot in Jamaica with Jamaican and foreign actors, according to Jamaica-born, Cleon James, CEO of Top Notch Vision.

"It is basically a series about how we ,as foreigners, come to the US and the hurdles that we go through and the things we encounter," James, who will also be playing a starring role, told WESTERN STAR.

"Most people from Jamaica, or even the Caribbean, they view the US from a different standpoint. This project is going to show them the real standpoint when they come abroad, and not the 'pretty-up' version they always portray," he added.

The independent filmmaker noted that his intent is to get the series to premiere on BET.

Top Notch Vision is behind several other films, such as Bloodshed, Green Card, Foreign Exchange, and more, that have premiered in theatres in Jamaica, the US, and Canada, and other parts of the world.

Scenes from a number of these films have also been shot in parts of western Jamaica, including Montego Bay.

"The team and I may have taken a small break since our last film, but that doesn't mean we weren't working behind the scenes. We actually finished one film recently called Trust in God, where I play a role in as well. The whole movie is based around life and choices you make," James said.

The film is yet to premiere.

"But I set a premiere date for December 20 because I want to premiere it for the Christmas season. So the first premiere is going to be in Boston on that date, and then, I will take it around the world. I plan to premiere it in Jamaica early in the New Year," he added.

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