Dolla Coin searching for big break

December 11, 2018
Dolla Coin
Dolla Coin

Hanover-based recording artiste Dolla Coin is searching for his big break on the local music scene.

The 32-year-old entertainer, born Kenval Russell, is planning to release a slew of recently recorded singles in the New Year.

Dolla Coin hopes that songs like To The Mall, Dripping, Welcome To My City, and Getting Money will further help to propel his musical career.

"In a month, I plan to start release mi songs them on YouTube and social media, so the whole a Jamaica can get to know me," Dolla Coin told WESTERN STAR.

According to the artiste, he will also be working on his debut album, which he intends to release in 2019.

"Right now, me a get a whole heap of feedback and love from people all bout who a tell me fi gwaan do mi thing. I just have to nurture and grow my career the right way. The sky is the limit, so in the future, you never can tell," said Dolla Coin, who grew up in Forrest and Success in Hanover.

"We nah bother with the war type of music. We a do something everybody can relate to both the young and old. Dolla Coin 2019, we a coming with a commanding flair. We a come to teach, and we a come do good music," he added.

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