Rosh Reign serenades at SoFar Sounds

September 30, 2022
Rosh Reign in her element at SoFar Sounds.
Rosh Reign in her element at SoFar Sounds.

Reggae songstress Rosh Reign serenaded her audience at a recent staging of the SoFar Sounds series.

Held at Skyline Levels in St Andrew, the Easy singer described the experience as intimate, soulful and engaging as her audience was captivated by her set.

"A few people there knew me but also some who didn't, so I gained a whole lot of fans. When I finished I said I am not coming off the stage until I get like 10 followers on IG [Instagram] because you have to plug your handle. But I was kidding and ended up getting more than that, I got like 30 or 40," she shared.

She opened her set with her rendition of the popular Lionel Ritchie track Hello, accompanied by her guitarist Namdi.

"I did some affirmations and persons were sold on the affirmations because they hadn't seen any performer do that before. So I had them repeating words 'I am healthy, I am strong, I am whole, I am capable'. So everybody was sold by that. After that I did [her single] Glow because Glow is all about positive vibrations," she added.

She described the ambience as a comfort space and was really appreciative of the opportunity to perform for a live audience for just the second time this year, following her guest performance on Digicel Rising Stars weeks ago.

" The SoFar concept is beautiful. The intimacy it embodies is amazing as it allows for your talent to be seen and heard. People are really listening to you in the moment. It's a safe space to share everything that you are. I love that there are no headliners, just two or three of us with unique art to share ... really beautiful concept," she said.

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