Mother of slain man begs public for help

November 06, 2018
Stanrick Malcolm

A Westmoreland mother is pleading for justice as she grieves for her son, Stanrick Malcolm, whose decomposing body was found in Roaring River in Whithorn, Westmoreland, in October.

Herfa Ramson said that not only is the family in a deep state of mourning, but information surrounding the investigation has not been forthcoming from the Whithorn Police.

"The family a grieve; the father can't even eat, his brothers nah eat. Is like we lost we nice loving pickney, and nobody nah call or say nothing about him or his killers," said Ramson.

Malcolm's body was fished from Roaring River on Thursday, October 25.

The young man had gone missing two days before after he had gone to the river in the morning to take a bath.

It is believed that while there, he got into an altercation with a group of men who allegedly beat him and threw him in the river.

"Mi go the police station, and all now, mi no hear from them. Them no call me or nothing," said Ramson. "These boys need to face the fact and make

the police catch them. We need justice."

Ramson recalled the last time she saw her son; he was on his way to visit a cousin in Shrewsbury.

"Last time I saw him was the Sunday before. I tell him say I love him, and him go thru the gate say him a go a party tomorrow night (Monday night) with his cousin. Him go a the party because the same clothes he wear go the party is the same clothes they found him in. His cousin said he got up in the morning to go bathe and them kill him," Ramson explained.

She said her son did not bother his attackers because he was "a peaceful pickney".

"My son is the best child I have. Righty now, mi no eat. A psychologist me a come from. Mi distraught, mi pressure high. Nothing I eat don't have no taste. Look how mi mawga down," she added.

Ramson is appealing to eyewitnesses to tell the police what they know in order to speed up the investigation.

"Police a look for the boys them, and the boy them a hide in a bush. Everybody know them because them did see them. Witnesses to go the station and give evidence," she said.

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