Top Strikers lifts domino title in Canterbury

December 04, 2018
Top teams of the Canterbury domino competition celebrate their success at an award ceremony held recently.

The Social Development Commission (SDC) has been executing a series of humanitarian and outreach programmes for citizens living in the volatile Canterbury community in Montego Bay, St James. The SDC-sponsored Canterbury Domino Competition 2018 is one such major initiative that was concluded on the weekend.

The competition, which was held in partnership with the Canterbury Community Development Committee, was keenly contested over seven weeks by teams formed throughout the community among the young and old.

Team Top Strikers walked away with top honours, but for the SDC, it was a win for the community.

"We know that Canterbury is known for its past notorious reputation, meaning crime and violence being attached to the community," said Olivia Shaw, SDC's community development officer.

"So what we did was revitalise their CDC [community development committe] and we have got the youths and older folks involved. We partnered with them to execute the domino competition because we wanted some sort of activity that would help build camaraderie among the citizens," she added.

Shaw continued: "The citizens are ready to eradicate that stigma that is attached to the community. They want persons to know that there are good people here who are not for that. They are for unity and prosperity."




Everald Powell, president of the Canterbury CDC, said that the competition, among the other initiatives planned for Canterbury, has been a blessing for the community.

"It was so wonderful that SDC came and brought out that wonderful domino tournament, because it was successful," said Powell.

"Everyone was enjoying themselves, even those who weren't playing, and it turned out to be a wonderful event. The community supported it and would ask corporate Montego Bay to come and be a part of the community. Let us organise something to develop the youths so we can see a better future for them. They only need some guidance," he added.

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