Community Focus: Flood victims want to be relocated

December 11, 2018
A section of Forrest in Hanover.
Estilee Levy recounts the devastation persons in Forrest, Hanover, faced as a result of the flooding in 2010.

The people living in the eastern Hanover district of Forrest are yet to get a solution to their worries more than eight years after a major flood ravaged the community and left their homes under water.

During a recent visit by WESTERN STAR, the residents claimed that the relevant authorities promised to relocate them following the heavy rains associated with Tropical Storm Nicole, which caused the flooding in 2010.

However, that promise has not been fulfilled, according to the people from the community.

"Them (the relevant authorities) did say that we must go a Old Pen (a neighbouring district), but MoBay people and everybody come in and capture the lands at Old Pen. Only a few people manage to get land, but what about the rest of us?," said Elesha Whyte.

Whyte was one of many residents who was in the midst of the great flood that even claimed one man's life.




"I was right in the middle of it (the flood), and if you look good, you will see the remains of several houses that did wash away. Every year, the people live in constant fear of another flood because if the rain fall heavy, then the community under water again," Whyte explained.

"So although persons want move, them can't because there is no more land space," she added.

The people are calling on the Government to step in and render some assistance to their plight. According to them, the community will again be flooded in the future, and it may be worse. They also say that their crops, livestock, homes, and even lives are in jeopardy.

"We are in the same situation as we were eight years ago, and we need a solution," said Estilee Levy.

"If the Government come in and willing to give us somewhere else to live, we would relocate. We want somewhere to go because when the flood come, we nuh have nowhere to go but stay in the water," she added.

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