'Mr Universe' plans festive feast for the homeless

December 18, 2018
Mr Universe provides a meal for a resident of Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland.

The Christmas season is always a busy period for Savanna-la-Mar's charismatic and flamboyant fashion icon, Ted 'Mr Universe' Brown.

Brown has been dedicating himself to ensuring that the street people, shut-ins and the underprivileged in the parish of Westmoreland are fed. It is a selfless gesture that has become a major part of the Brown's Christmas traditions for several years running.

"People always neglect those types of people, but I always feel that is the best way to give a Christmas present and show a little love to them," Mr Universe told WESTERN STAR.

"Last year, I fed over 500 people and I did it in Savanna-la-Mar, Negril, Little London, Grange Hill, Big Bridge, Petersfield and many more communities. I get the support from councillors, business persons and other stakeholders, and I go out there with my team of volunteers on the day to feed the less fortunate," he added.

"This year, I plan to take it wider in the parish of Westmoreland, and this time I am going to pay special focus on Darliston and the surrounding districts," he said.




"When I went into Grange Hill last year, a lady come hug me and was crying, and she said she didn't have nothing to eat and I made her Christmas jolly. Plus, sometimes they just want to see you. It's a joy, and you make their dreams come through," he added.

Giving back to his community and parish is also beneficial to the over-the top and sociable Mr Universe, who one day dreams of representing the people of Westmoreland at the political level.

"This Christmas, I just want to tell people to love, laugh and live," he stated.

"Give a helping hand. Reach out to your brothers and sisters. You can't say you love God and you don't love your brothers and sisters. This Christmas, add a little in your pot. Someone in your area or district is not going to have dinner and you can make that person have Christmas dinner. You can bring joy and happiness to that person," Mr Universe said.

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