Two Manchester seniors found dead months apart

September 29, 2022
Clifton Chambers
Clifton Chambers

When the family of 74-year-old Clifton Chambers of Silent Hill, Manchester, reported him missing, and then subsequently found his decomposed remains in bushes, the feeling was all too familiar for fellow Silent Hill resident Shadeen Bent and her family.

The body of Shadeen's 67-year-old father, also named Clifton, was found in bushes on June 23, three days after he went missing.

"It's the same feeling all over again," Shadeen told THE STAR on Wednesday. Speaking of the day her father's body was discovered, she said,"It was excruciating."

On Tuesday, the rural community was again jolted by Chambers' death. Chambers, who was visually impaired, reportedly went missing on September 15. Residents stumbled upon his decomposed remains about 5:45 p.m. on Tuesday and alerted the police.

Christopher Mendez was part of the search team that found the body in murky waters. "Mi foot dem start feel weak," Mendez recalled. The police are awaiting a post-mortem report to determine the cause of death.

"Mi feel cut up! Mi cut up bad," said Mendez, theorising that the elderly man was murdered. He said Chambers, a retired taxi operator, was a good man who was well respected in the community. Merlina Chambers, daughter-in-law, said the family is hurt, upset and confused as to why anyone would seek to harm him.

"All now mi nuh believe sey him dead. All now mi cyaa eat," said the grief-stricken woman.

She related that Chambers had lived by himself for many years at his own request, but his relatives visited him regularly, bringing him food and money. She said Chambers was last seen by one of his daughters who brought him money. Merlina now ponders if the senior citizen was targeted and robbed.

She told THE STAR that her husband, Chambers' son, is away at sea and did not know his father was missing, let alone dead. She said she had no idea how to share the devastating news.

Meanwhile, Bent's funeral hangs in limbo as the family is still awaiting results from a post-mortem.

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