Police searching for newly landed Haitians

November 28, 2023
Burned boat

The police in Portland have launched a manhunt for a group of  Haitians who abandoned their vessel after landing in the dead of night on Long Road beach on Sunday. 

It is believed that the group managed to flee the area with the aid of another male Haitian national who had been residing in St James for more than two years.

The police say they intercepted a taxi near Hope Bay in West Portland on Monday and found eight Haitians aboard, including the Haitian male that has been living in Jamaica.

They were all taken into custody.

It is unclear how many Haitians landed on Sunday, but according to the police, items of clothing belonging to male and female adults were discovered in the 28 foot sail boat, along with children’s clothing.

Of the eight Haitian boat people that were intercepted in Hope Bay, approximately 34 miles away from where they landed, no child was on board the taxi.

Meantime the Haitian sail boat was set ablaze by a team from the local ministry of health.

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