Jockey vows improvement after pregnancy

December 03, 2020

Apprentice jockey Tamicka Lawrence has vowed to return to the saddle at Caymanas Park with a bang after her pregnancy.

Lawrence, 29 years old, has been riding since 2018 but is yet to win a race from her 22 mounts. That concern will have to go on hold as she is now five months pregnant with her third child.

"I can't give up on this because even if I win the Lotto tomorrow morning, I am still going to be a jockey," she said. "This [pregnancy] is impossible to stop that, because I came to Caymanas Park as a mother, so I know what it is like being a mother [and a jockey].

"This is not going to affect me in any way, because it is only going to make me an even better person and push me to work harder."

Lawrence last rode at Caymanas Park in August, but says she is hoping to make her return to the track in July 2021.

"I know that I will be a lot better than now because I am even trying to put on some weight, so that I can be a lot stronger in the saddle, and I will be back in the gym," she said. "So I have everything planned for when I return to the track."

She says she has worked hard to improve, but feels she has not yet gained the respect from trainers at Caymanas Park.

"It has been tough for me because I put in the most and still get the least amount of rides,"she said. "A lot of mornings when COVID-19 just started, no one was at the track working horses. It was just me, Abigail [Able] and a few other jockeys that was there every morning working horses.

"But when the track was reopened -- and yes, you are going to get a few rides now -- nothing still was happening for you, and sometimes this will make you feel a bit down."

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