STAR on the Rise: MadX determined to do positive music

June 27, 2019
Up-and-coming singjay MadX.

Raised in the crime-ridden parish of St James, Romario Brown is adamant to make his contribution to the world through positive music.

The 21-year-old singjay is in the process of formalising his own record label, Dark Temptations, a name symbolic of his determination to not become a statistic.

“I grew up in Barnett Lane in Montego Bay, and when it comes to youth our age, many people believe that if we grow up in the garrison we are going to indulge in certain behaviour, like scamming, drugs and guns,” he told THE STAR.

“The name Dark Temptations speaks to the fact that we grew up in a lot of temptations, but we are trying to break out of it and show people there is hope.”

The budding label will comprise 10 people, including Brown, who goes by the moniker ‘MadX’. He earned his name because of his lyrical potency, which he honed while attending Cornwall College.


With his father a former deejay (Cannon) and his mother a church singer, Brown’s musical interest was inborn, and he started to play the piano when he was five years old. He also performed in church as a child, which explains his choice to do uplifting music.

“My parents are 100 per cent supportive and want me to push as hard as I can to get my music out there ‘cause I promote positive music. I don’t deal with the whole gun thing or negative energy,” said MadX, who offsets the financial costs of pursuing his passion by doing construction work.

Meanwhile, MadX released his debut EP, The Promised Ones, in January. The six-track set was a collaborative project with Luckii and featured songs like Consequences Of Life and Working.

He is also gearing up to release another single, Difference, tomorrow. He plans to shoot the music video for that song in a few weeks.

“It’s a positive song, so I don’t expect anything short of positivity,” he said. “If I do get mainstream in Jamaica and overseas, I know my package and team will make a difference in this music ‘cause all of our songs are about enlightenment and life. So far, all who have seen our projects are trying to push our music, so I know that we are doing something good.”


Inspiration: Goddy Goddy, Damian Marley, Protoje, Jay-Z, Buju Banton, Dennis Brown, Blak Ryno, Tupac


Releases: Never Stop, Life In The Ghetto


Interesting Fact: He is a part-time construction worker

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