Valiant and Chris Martin promote political unity

February 21, 2024
Chris Martin

Dancehall artistes Christopher Martin and Valiant are set to release a new collaborative single calling for unity among political supporters in Jamaica.

The song, the title of which has not been announced, is set to be released ahead of the local government elections next Monday.

“We have a song coming out suh wi a empower the people. Wi a tell dem seh wi nuh want no war, don’t fight fi nuh colour, fight fi be better,” Christopher Martin told THE STAR yesterday.

Photos of the artistes wearing green and orange shirts appeared on social media this week. In the photo, Christopher Martin wears an orange top with a green under-shirt peeping from the neck and one of the arms. Orange is colour used by the People’s National Party (PNP).

In the same photo, Valiant dons a green shirt, the colour of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP). He flashes the ‘V’ sign, a symbol used by the Labourites, which Martin holds down a clenched fist.

Christopher Martin said neither the symbols nor the colours should be viewed as an indication of political allegiance. Rather, he said it is a demonstration that people can live in harmony irrespective of their partisan politician difference.

The Big Deal artiste who was intentionally wearing both colours, was quick to highlight in his interview with THE STAR that he is for the policies put forward by any political leader as he doesn’t see politics, he sees people.

“I don’t support no one party, enuh, mi nuh deal wid dem supm deh; I’m for the people. I just want whoever is in power to do the right thing fi di people and the nation. [Additionally] in my position, I can’t sway the people dem to be like, I’m of this colour so make sure you vote for this, I can’t do that,” Martin said.

Meanwhile, the Guaranteed artiste said entertainers have a role to play in community development and urged elected officials to reach out to them to assist certain causes.

“I feel like it’s a good thing for us [artistes] to be involved in some type a way as long as dem naah try use entertainers to sway the mind of the people,” he reasoned.

“For example, if di people dem seh [me] a dem artiste, and you [a councillor] have supme fi do in your community weh nuh have nutten fi do wid you staying in power, you just want to do right by the people, then they can include us. Because once they try to include us in making the people dem feel better about themselves, empowering the people — I’m all for it,” Chris reasoned.

Meanwhile, following recent tragedies and mishap on the campaign trail, Christopher Martin has urged party supporters to trod carefully.

“I want the people dem fi stay safe and make good decisions, think on yuh actions and what you want to do for yourself and act accordingly. Be your brothers’ and sisters’ keeper and look out for each other with love — that’s the only way the country a guh move forward because hatred can’t do it,” Martin said.

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